Senior School

Our Senior School

The senior school follows a wide curriculum designed to develop the talents and skills of our pupils, whether their bias is academic or of a more practical nature. Academically, pupils are encouraged to give their best in all subjects, producing a sense of personal achievement and self-discipline. Even in the early years emphasis is placed upon preparation for GCSE and beyond. We feel this gives an aim and purpose, looking towards future achievements with positive encouragement from the teaching staff.

A number of our pupils take one or more GCSE examinations a year or two early to lessen the tension that can be felt in the final year.

Our recent activities

L'Oreal Cosmetic Chemistry Workshop

S2 students visited the Royal Institute in London where they enjoyed learning the science involoved in cosmetics.

Dimbola Lodge Visit

GCSE photography students visited Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater as part of their GCSE studies.

Skateboarding Tuesday Talk

Students were shown videos of tricks, viewed skateboards from the past and heard about the mobile skate park.

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