School Life

Life at Priory School

Priory School caters for students from 4 years - 18 years.

The typical school day starts from 8.30am and finishes at 4pm. An outline of the day can be seen below.

Morning registration starts at 8.30am and students will need to use this time to prepare themselves for the day ahead and be marked in the register. Please note that if your child(ren) is not in their form room during this time then they will be marked late/absent.

Lessons begin at 8.40am and run in 40 minute blocks throughout the day. Most lessons will be a double lasting for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

At 10am there is a 20 minute break time for the whole school.

At 11.40am there are various activities running throughout the week, including a whole school assembly, our ‘Tuesday Talks’ and a designated silent reading session for the whole school.

Lunch time starts at 12.15pm every day which is always followed by an afternoon registration at 1.10pm.

Afternoon lessons begin at 1.15pm.

The last lesson ends at 3.55pm allowing for a 5 minute period where students are able to see their form tutors, ask questions beforing the school day ends at 4pm.

Priory School Comprises:

A purpose built 'Cabin School' which houses our Key Stage 1 students. For more detail, click here.

The Junior School, housed in the main building, covers Key Stage 2 (Years 3 - 6). For more detail, click here.

The Senior School is entry from Year 7 - 11. For more detail, click here.

We also have a successful Sixth Form where students benefit from more independence in preparation for University and the working life beyond. For more detail, click here.

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